Best Fleshlight Advice

The Fleshlight is one of the most popular male sex toys ever invented. While using one may seem quite straightforward, there are a number of factors you’ll want to keep in mind to get the best experience possible. Below, I’ll discuss preparation, cleaning, and tips for getting the most out of your Fleshlight.

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Fleshlights- The Basics

The Fleshlight is made from a non-vibrating, soft and malleable sleeve designed to replicate the feel of sexual intercourse. The SuperSkin material in the toy mimics the sensation of a partner’s skin for a more realistic experience than traditional masturbation.

These discreet, convenient toys look like a flashlight (for discretion) and have a sturdy outer shell that helps them last a long time. You can either use one on your own to enhance your solo playtime or introduce it to your sexual experiences with a partner. They may be used with your hand or hands free, which I’ll cover in more detail later.

Some Fleshlights come lined with ridges, bumps, and textures to increase grip and simulate a lifelike sensation. To use a Fleshlight in the most basic way, you simply lube up, stick your penis in, and masturbate to completion. However, if you follow some simple tips for preparation, you’ll find that your experience is greatly enhanced.

Tips for a Successful Fleshlight Experience

Once you’ve taken the big step and bought a new Fleshlight, you may be wondering how to get the most out of it. Afterall, you’ll want to forget you’re using a toy at all and create lifelike sensations during your masturbation sessions.

Warm the Sleeve

Although the material used in the Fleshlight has a very realistic feel, it isn’t warm like real human skin. So, warming up the sleeve before you use your Fleshlight can make a world of difference for how it feels when you use it to masturbate.

A warm Fleshlight will help you get lost in your fantasy, while a cold sleeve may make it harder for you to forget you’re masturbating with a toy. The simplest way to heat it up is to simply place the sleeve in a sink full of hot water. Let it sit for at least a couple minutes and it’ll be ready to use.

Choose the Correct Lube

Lube is an important aspect of using a Fleshlight since the toy obviously won’t lubricate on its own as a real vagina would. Not only do you need to remember to use enough lube with your toy, but you’ll want to pick the correct kind.

Due to the type of material used for the Fleshlight sleeve, it’s essential that you use water-based lube instead of other types. Silicone or oil-based lubricants may cause damage to the inside of the toy. Water-based lube is also easier to clean off which is a benefit with a toy like this.

You’ll need to pay attention to how intense the texture of the Fleshlight sleeve feels for you and experiment with different types of lube. Some will prefer a thicker lube that provides minimal friction, while others will want something thinner that increases the grip of the sleeve.

Generally speaking, thicker lubricants don’t need to be reapplied as often, so keep that in mind.

Methods of Using a Fleshlight

While the process seems straightforward on the surface, there are actually a couple different ways you can use a Fleshlight. I will outline each of these below to help you decide which will work best for you:

Using Your Hand

The most obvious method for masturbating with a Fleshlight is moving the toy with your hand. It’s intuitive and similar to how you’re used to masturbating, which is why so many men select this method initially.

Masturbating by hand with your Fleshlight gives you control over the angle and speed you want to use, so you can adjust it as you see fit. But there’s a disadvantage to using your hand every time. The case can feel fairly uncomfortable to hold if you want to have longer self-pleasuring sessions.

There are a couple different solutions to this problem. One is getting a smaller Fleshlight and the other is using your toy hands-free.


You have a few options for using your Fleshlight hands-free. You could ask your partner to hold it for you, which is ideal. But some people are very private about their sex toy use. If this applies to you, you may want to consider a mount designed specifically to hold the Fleshlight in place for you.

Fleshlight mounts come in several varieties including a waterproof version for the shower, a doggy style option, and a missionary mount. You can even select the Fleshlight Launch which provides the movement of the toy for you and comes with different speeds to pick from.

Another hands-free option for using a Fleshlight is buying a sex doll that’s designed to hold the sleeve and creates a more real experience. Lastly, you can create a DIY Fleshlight rig without any extra equipment. Many guys simply insert the toy into a pile of blankets or pillows and go to town.

There’s no shame in finding creative ways to pleasure yourself with your Fleshlight, so don’t be afraid to get imaginative!

Anatomical vs. Non-Anatomical Designs

The sleeve entrance of the Fleshlight often looks like a vagina, mouth, or anus. This design is preferred by many men since it helps them get lost in the fantasy of a real sexual experience when they’re using the toy. However, everyone is different, and some guys find the anatomical look a bit off-putting.

Other Fleshlight options have a more general appearance that doesn’t mimic human anatomy. You wouldn’t be able to tell what the toy is used for simply by looking at one, which also brings the benefit of increased discretion for those of you who are more private and live with other (potentially snoopy) people.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight

Observing proper care guidelines will ensure that your toy lasts for as long as possible and stays comfortable and supple. To clean your Fleshlight, take the sleeve out of the case and remove any bodily fluids or lube present by running hot water through it.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use soap on the SuperSkin material as it can cause it to degrade. If you want a more thorough cleaning, you can purchase a sex toy cleaner that’s listed as safe to use with a Fleshlight. Once you’ve rinsed the toy, let it dry on a clean towel.

Before returning the sleeve to the case, make sure it’s dry on both the inside and outside. Some people use a fan to help the sleeve dry faster. To do this, insert the sleeve into the case until about three quarters of it is sticking out, then put a fan at the other side of the case, so the inner sleeve dries quicker.

As for how often to clean your Fleshlight, this will depend on how often you use it. In general, you’ll be able to tell when a cleaning is necessary. Note that the Fleshlight sleeve might feel sticky or tacky after you clean it, which is totally normal.

You can add some Fleshlight Renewer Powder if you want to restore its smoothness faster. Keep your Fleshlight feeling fresh by storing it in its case when you can, avoiding silicone-based lubricants and soap, and not letting anyone else use it.

What If You’re Dissatisfied?

What should you do if, even after following all of these tips, you aren’t satisfied with your Fleshlight experience? When you buy a new sex toy and don’t like it, you may feel very disappointed. There are so many different textures and designs for the Fleshlight, so it’s likely that some will work for you and others won’t.

However, don’t give up hope just yet! Before putting your Fleshlight in the back of your closet, try out a few different things first. Changing the way you hold the toy, adjusting the temperature, or trying out a different water-based lube can totally transform your experience.

Some users even recommend using the toy several times to allow it to break in. If the Fleshlight is too tight or loose, you can adjust the end cap to fix this. If the sensations are too intense, add more lube. Try out several positions for your hands and also the hands-free method to see if your experience gets better.

Only after letting it break in and trying these tips can you say for sure whether or not the Fleshlight is right for you.