Tips On Asking Someone Out On A Date

Asking someone out can be a rather nerve-wracking experience for a lot of people. It’s an awkward moment that is full of anxiety, sometimes on both parties. To make matters worse, there is no guideline or a manual that comes with instructions on what you should and should not do.

It’s not a class that you will attend in high school like algebra where you will get a particular formula for solving a problem. You are likely to find that a lot of people are likely to ask for a raise at work rather than ask someone out on a date. Well, it is not that difficult to ask someone out on a date and here’s how you do it.

Teach Yourself How To Talk To Everyone

No one likes small talk. Some people actually hate it so much that they will avoid people altogether so they do not have to deal with the same lame questions such as ‘Do you come here often?’ or ‘Did it hurt falling from the sky’? Instead of small talk, try and ask for advice while learning more about the other person such as ‘where is a good place to eat around here?’ This is a fantastic way of learning if you share common interests. Be creative, thoughtful, and playful as you engage the other party.

Create Your Diving Board

The best way to approach your potential next date with confidence is to come in ready. It is even better if you find something you share in common such as a hobby or activity. You can go with this approach for example: ‘There’s a lovely play based on the cold war between Russia and the United States next week. We should go and watch it.’

Consider Going In With A Wingman

A wingman will make it a lot less awkward especially if you are asking someone out you do not know very well. It’s a lot less pressure and you won’t have to be too concerned about weird pauses during conversations.

Delivering Your Proposal

Before asking someone out, there are some things you want to keep in mind. First and foremost, be specific. Vagueness makes people nervous and anxious. Secondly, propose a safe activity such as going to the beach or going out for diner. Be flexible with the feedback you receive as they may suggest other things to do. Lastly, be cool and composed the whole time. You don’t want to lose points on the basis of lacking confidence.